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Kerstin Frailey

A data leader with practical side and a touch of humor. I stumbled into data science back before HBR convinced everyone they wanted one or wanted to be one. I've done years as an IC and as a leader, in the Bay Area and beyond. And despite that, I still have faith that data can revolutionize your company--if you let it.

Masters in Mathematical Statistics (UIC), Masters in Mathematical Computer Science (UIC), and the Masters in Statistics that I got along the way to get a PhD (Cornell) (but I left the PhD All-But-Dissertation to take a position as Director of Data Science). Yale BA, University of Chicago Data Science for Social Good Fellow, Second City Conservatory Graduate, and one of my two dogs has graduated puppy 101.

When Stack Exchange Fails

….or How to Answer Your Own Questions This walk-thru shows how to hunt down the answer to an implementation question. The example references sklearn, github, and python. The post is intended for data scientists new to coding and anyone looking for a guide to answering their own code questions.  Does […]